Our Story

We’d love to say that BendTECH Coworking anticipated years ago that Bend, Oregon, would someday be deemed the “Work from Home Capital of America,” given it’s awesome geography, proximity to Portland, San Francisco and Seattle, and our 250 days of sunshine per year.

In truth, BendTECH coworking was started in 2012 by Central Oregon’s tech and startup community as a resource and a place to grow Bend’s tech and startup community. One of the founders of the original space, James Gentes, (also founder of Tend.ai), says the predecessor to the BendTECH nonprofit was looking for the best way to support Bend’s burgeoning remote worker and startup community. The group landed on coworking as a way to create a collaborative space for networking, share ideas within the tech startup world and offer new opportunities for work and growth.

The initial space was housed in downtown Bend for two years. Then BendTECH coworking moved into the heart of the Old Mill at 395 SW Bluff Dr. We’ve since grown our coworking footprint as well as our community programming. We’re extremely proud to have been the first home for many of Bend’s startups, as well as the landing spot for numerous remote workers. BendTECH is also home to some of Bend’s most anticipated startup tech events including the unConference and the Startup Resource Fair. We also host the Startup Founder’s Office, which provides free office space as part of a rotating program for local entrepreneurs.

The BendTECH coworking space is a coffee-fueled (with the occasional beer thrown in) launch pad for anyone in Central Oregon interested in entrepreneurship, remote work and being part of a vibrant, professional environment. We stand by our mission of building and sustaining a culture of collaboration, networking, and entrepreneurship in support of a growing, diverse, and inclusive startup and tech community. And we aim to further it daily, through our coworking operations, events and programming.

While we’re overseen by a volunteer board, run by an executive director, it’s our members that make our space great. Just like when we started, we’re community-first and community for everyone. So grab a desk for a day — or a month — and experience the network, support, and fun that BendTECH offers founders, tech workers, and entrepreneurs.

About BendTECH

BendTECH (Bend Technology Entrepreneurial and Coworking Hub) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and support of tech-enabled companies and business professionals in the Bend, Oregon area. Along with our coworking space, we create opportunities for members of Bend's vibrant startup community to connect through hackathons, regular mini-pitchfests, resource fairs, and our annual unConference.

You can contact us at coworking@bendtech.com.

BendTECH Coworking

BendTECH Coworking provides Bend Oregon co-working spaces within the Old Mill and is located at 395 SW Bluff Dr., lower level. It is the flagship project of its parent organization, BendTECH. We offer community memberships, drop-in desks, individual dedicated desks, and offices within a community of technically-oriented professionals and entrepreneurs.

For more information on openings go to http://coworking.bendtech.com/en or coworking@bendtech.com.