BendTECH Bios: Cara Schaller, Finance Whiz, Ski Lover, Former Unicyclist

Today we’re launching the BendTECH Bios series introducing many of the awesome people who work out of BT. First up …

Cara Schaller
Work: Finance manager, Starbucks
Years in Bend: 1
Why she’s here: Lifestyle. We were in Seattle and feeling the grind. We’d leave the house at 7 a.m. and get home at 6:30 and see our one-year-old for about 30 minutes before bedtime. I grew up coming up here and had great memories of Bend. Moving here was a gamble—part of our plan was keeping our Seattle house as a fall back. I was lucky that Starbucks allowed me to work remotely, so we came with one job. My husband landed at G5.
Why she coworks: Working from home was too isolating. I’ve got a great network remotely, but it’s different to be the BendTECH space, have great neighbors and feel that energy. I’m too social to have a home office. Coworking was a great way to meet people and make some friends.
Favorite non-work activities: Skiing is definitely number one. Camping and hiking.
Need-to-know basis: When I was a kid I was in the unicycle club. Also I love to travel internationally. Our last trip, which was before kids, was to Nepal. We’re really excited to go to Japan in April.