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Coworking at Bend’s BendTECH Offices

Hello, BendTECH Coworking blog readers! It has indeed been a while. But as promised, we’re reinvigorating the blog with posts that detail life here at our coworking space in Bend, Oregon, posts that describe what it’s like to work in a collaborative office space, and posts introducing and showcasing the entrepreneurs, tech workers and remote employees who make up the BendTECH community.

A Community of Entrepreneurs

BendTECH puts an emphasis on community and networking.

And a “community” is exactly what it is. As an entrepreneur myself, I speak from experience. After working for numerous companies in the outdoor and tech industries, I recently went out on my own as a copywriter and content marketer and started my own company, Cascade Cadence Content Marketing.

Going it alone, going freelance, starting my own company, becoming an entrepreneur… whatever you want to call it, it’s been a professional goal of mine for a long time. And because of the incredible, selfless, encouraging, supportive environment here at BendTECH, I felt comfortable taking the leap. Not just comfortable, in fact, but prepared and confident.

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The successful entrepreneurs in the BendTECH coworking space—my coworkers—are so generous when it comes to sharing advice, suggestions and contacts, I’ve been bowled over by the speed at which I’ve been able to ramp up my own small business thanks to their help. I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far or this fast without the support of the BendTech community.

A Collaborative Workspace

The diversity of expertise held by people working under the BendTECH roof is a tremendous benefit, particularly given everyone’s love for collaboration. When I needed a few lines of custom code for my company website, I was sitting next to a developer who was more than willing to help me out. When I was looking for advice on how to present my value proposition to my clients, I walked over to someone who’s been a successful entrepreneur for years, and he guided me through how to ascribe value to my work. And when I need to invigorate my creative juices after staring for too long at a computer screen, there’s no shortage of people eager to saddle up for a lunch mountain bike ride or group run along the banks of the Deschutes River, just outside BendTECH’s door.

The variety of businesses and entrepreneurs here is also incredible. Whether independent or remotely employed, from content producers and copywriters, like me, to mechanical engineers, to graphic designers and photographers, to architects, to software developers, to product managers, to organic food producers, to electronics designers and manufacturers, to honest-to-goodness rocket scientists…we have them all. And the one thing we all have in common is a willingness to share ideas and energy, and to help each other grow our businesses. Oh, and we share a love for beer. (It is Bend, after all, and BendTECH members have access to our 24/7 keg, with beers rotating on a monthly basis.)

We intend to profile other BendTECH members and their businesses on the blog going forward. And we’ll still be sharing what’s new at our coworking space and a schedule of upcoming events. So stay tuned; there’s much more to come!

Thinking about becoming a BendTECH member? Learn more about our coworking space here.

Sean Leslie is the President and Chief Content Officer of Cascade Cadence Content Marketing. Sean is a copywriter and storyteller who combines data-proven best practices with optimized, strategically written copy, creating content that attracts, educates, engages and converts. Sean’s a happy and devoted husband and father; an erstwhile runner, mountain biker, backpacker and outdoorsman; and—though English by birth—an adopted and fiercely proud Pacific Northwesterner. He’s also a vocal and passionate proponent of flip-flops in the office. Learn more about Cascade Cadence Content Marketing at