Startup Bend

The BendTECH Blog Becomes StartupBend

We have a big announcement that involves a little startup, well, started by us. As of today, our blog will now be StartupBend. For the past year, we’ve been working hard to tell the world about both the burgeoning tech and startup community in this most favorite place we call home. Beyond giving us the opportunity to print up some cool stickers, we believe better reflects the stories we’ve been telling (especially via the #50startups project) and opens the blog up to a wider audience of startup lovers, supporters, founders, employees and more. Our goal is to create a home for all of Central Oregon’s startup activity, from tech and outdoor gear to food products and bioscience. Meanwhile, the BendTECH coworking space will continue to provide a place where people can work, meet other professionals, collaborate on big things and drink a little beer. You can continue to find information about BendTECH coworking at and via @BendTECH on Twitter.


What is StartupBend?

Now three things to know about startupbend:

  1. You get more news. You know when companies raise their prices and reduce their services and then try and tell you you’re actually getting more? That’s not what’s happening here. We still plan to provide you with all sorts of startup news and the occasional #dogsofstartups photo. In addition to continued tech coverage, we’ll also provide more stories from Bend’s other lively startup sectors. And of course it’s free.
  2. You get more jobs. We hope that even more employers will take advantage of our jobs board. You can now search it by sector. We’ve received an overwhelming positive response from both employers posting on the board and from people applying. People are finding jobs because of the board. It’s like magic. And that warms the cockles of our hearts.
  3. You’re the best. We couldn’t keep doing what we’re doing without the people who read this blog, follow us on social media, send us emails with story ideas and generally love startups as much as we do. We all know that Bend is special. We’re firm believers that the startup community here is too. And as long as there are people willing to take big risks to follow their dreams, build something that positively impacts this place we live and love and generally fight the good fight, you can read about ‘em right here.

We’d also like to extend a big thanks to Tierney O’Dea, manager of the BendTECH coworking space, for her support and help during this transition, as well as for her blogging. And we’re eternally grateful to BendBroadband for their continued support of the blog and Central Oregon startups.

Now who wants a SUB sticker? Come get one at the unConference Thursday, presented by StartupBend and hosted by BendTECH!


Kelly Kearsley
StartupBend editor and co-founder

James Gentes
StartupBend technical director and co-founder