Tribe Pilot Trip-Planning App

Tribe Pilot: BendTECH’s Outdoor-Focused App Startup is the Cure for COVID Cabin Fever

When outdoor trip-planning startup Tribe Pilot – the only trip-building app that lets tripmates create, store, edit and share all the details of a group adventure in a single online location – was awarded an office in the BendTECH coworking space as part of BendTECH’s Startup Accelerator Program in mid-February of 2020, nobody predicted that, within a month, the world would be battling COVID-19 and medical experts would be telling us to socially distance and “stay home” for the foreseeable future.

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Nor could anyone have predicted that, months later, the gradual reopening of society would lead to a massive “rush to the outdoors”, as house-bound people craved wide-open spaces and the chance to stretch their legs – and minds – in beautiful outdoor spaces, and potentially reunite with friends and family in a lower-risk outdoor environment.

For the team at Tribe Pilot, including Founder and CEO Matt Smith, America’s revived devotion to outdoor recreation has made Tribe Pilot a crucial tool for the moment back to the outdoors.

Into the Great Wide Open

Tribe Pilot Trip-Planning App

Tribe Pilot is the only trip-building app that lets tripmates create, store, edit and share all the details of a group adventure in a single online location. With Tribe Pilot, everything related to a trip lives in one shared place, so everyone has mobile access to the same information at the same time. Trip dates, schedules, locations, activities, maps and route plans, gear and food lists, and more all live in the Tribe Pilot app. In-app chat makes it easy to keep all trip-related conversations in one convenient place, and new features – like photo sharing and a cost-splitting calculator – are being added all the time.

“The idea for Tribe Pilot was born out of my own trip-building frustrations,” says Smith.  “The app was conceived after a long day of mountain biking on a week-long trip in British Columbia. It was there—sitting around a campfire with a group of close friends—that I decided I was going to create a better way to plan group adventures.”

Tribe Pilot can be downloaded for free in the iOS and Android Google Play app stores, and advanced Tribe Pilot Pro features can be purchased with a $2.99/month annual subscription.

Business as a Force for Good

Benefit Corporation Logo

As a certified Benefit Corporation, the team at Tribe Pilot believes business can and should be used as a force for good, and their focus in on carbon sequestration and the removal of carbon dioxide from our atmosphere to fight climate change.

“We firmly believe the power of business should be harnessed for good,” says Smith. “To us, ‘good’ means we’re thoughtful and deliberate about how we build our business and our company culture, and we consider how our actions impact our investors, shareholders, employees, users, community and the environment.”

Giving Users a Chance to Invest in Adventure

Matt Smith, Tribe Pilot Founder and CEO

Tribe Pilot is currently giving outdoorsy, adventurous investors the opportunity to support the young company’s success – and potentially make some money – via the crowdfunding platform WeFunder.

With industry and financial experts betting that post-COVID travelers will focus on secluded outdoor activities, and with health experts finding that COVID-19 spreads far less easily outdoors, outdoor recreation is currently enjoying its time in the limelight, as evidenced by recent crowds at National Parks, on local trails and everywhere in between. And for businesses focused on outdoor recreation, the opportunity to enable outdoor experiences for restless customers is substantial.

As a mobile tool specifically designed to enable group outdoor adventures by providing all tripmates mobile access to the same information at the same time, Tribe Pilot is perfectly positioned to help outdoorspeople plan their trips during the post-COVID rush to the outdoors. And, as he’s planning for big growth, Smith says he wants the community of Tribe Pilot users to share in the startup’s success.

“This user activity is no fluke. In fact, we believe it’s here to stay,” says Smith. “Social analysts and market experts are predicting a post-COVID trend in which adventurers gravitate toward outdoor activities and camping over long-distance travel and hotels; Adventurers of the post-COVID world will shy away from crowded places and air travel, instead focusing on the solitude of the outdoors and closer-to-home activities. We’re excited to help our users shake off their cabin fever and reunite with friends and family outside.”