BendTECH Dog Policy

At BendTECH we love our furry members. If a member would like to bring a dog to BendTECH, the member needs to have their dog approved by BendTECH staff and show proof of vaccination.


  • To bring your dog to work, Dogs of BendTECH must be up to date on rabies vaccinations as required by Oregon state law. Distemper and Bordetella (kennel cough) are also recommended per AAHA guidelines. Proof of vaccination is required as part of the pet application process.
  • We recommend waiting a month before bringing your dog to work. This will give you time to get settled in and decide if the coworking lifestyle is right for your dog.
  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. With multiple dogs in the Work Space we cannot have them roaming around.
  • BendTECH dogs must be well-behaved. They should be obedient, well-socialized and with no history of biting, excessive barking, chasing or aggressive behavior. Signs of aggression shown towards people or other dogs, growling, excessive barking, biting, scratching, garbage diving, food stealing, jumping or multiple “accidents” inside are all considered inappropriate behavior. Even if your dog has been approved, BendTECH reserves the right to prohibit a dog from being in BendTECH’s space for any reason.
  • Your dog must be house trained. If your dog has an accident, clean up the mess immediately. Cleaning supplies are in the storage cabinet near the mailboxes
  • Dogs should be clean and well-groomed. Dogs must not have ticks or fleas. If your dog is found excessively scratching, we may ask you to have your dog checked and be treated before it can come back to the work space.

Member Responsibility and Indemnity:

  • Each member or other person bringing a dog into the work place is solely responsible for any injury, damage or liability arising from his or her dog’s actions at the Work Space, and agrees to indemnify BendTECH, its employees and representatives against any claims arising from those actions.
  • BendTECH reserves the right to prohibit dogs in BendTECH. No pets other than dogs are allowed in BendTECH.