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Tribe Pilot Trip-Planning App

Tribe Pilot: BendTECH’s Outdoor-Focused App Startup is the Cure for COVID Cabin Fever

By Matt Smith | June 24, 2020

When outdoor trip-planning startup Tribe Pilot – the only trip-building app that lets tripmates create, store, edit and share all the details of a group adventure in a single online location – was awarded an office in the BendTECH coworking space as part of BendTECH’s Startup Accelerator Program in mid-February of 2020, nobody predicted that,…

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Covid-19 Guidelines

By BendTech Staff | May 15, 2020

Updated 9/10/2021 We’re living in unprecedented times. Please be respectful of one another while in the space and help us protect our community against COVID-19. Below are the precautions we’re taking and request your cooperation to minimize our collective risks. These policies will evolve as the public health policies evolve. So please be patient with…

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Remote Worker Meetup at BendTECH creates a feeling of community

By Coworking BendTECH | January 13, 2020

Andrew Young had made his decision. He was going to move away from Seattle and make a new home in a smaller, quieter, less-busy town, even if he had to quit his job to do it. “I walked into my boss’ office and told him I was planning to leave Seattle,” recalls Young, a marine…

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New Year, new BendTECH coworking space in Northwest Crossing neighborhood!

By BendTech Staff | December 27, 2019

Opening January 6, BendTECH’s new coworking office space is opening at 2738 NW Potts Court in beautiful Bend, Oregon! Our new space features: 34 dedicated desks available for $285 a month Ten flex desks—available on a daily first-come, first-served basis—for $150 a month One drop-in “conversation room” Four reservable conferences rooms: two small, one medium…

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BendTECH puts the “un” in “unconference” for ten+ years running.

By Coworking BendTECH | October 1, 2019

BendTECH Presents the 11th Annual unConference   BendTECH is proud to host the annual unConference, a fun, casual, friendly pitchfest that kicks off the Bend Venture Conference week of startup events. The event started as a grassroots effort to share business ideas. More than a decade later, it’s evolved into an awesome resource for early-stage founders, and…

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Bend Oregon Growth Accelerator

BendTECH up for Growth Accelerator Fund grant

By Coworking BendTECH | July 29, 2019

As one of the fastest-growing small cities in America, it’s a good bet that lots of people see moving to Bend, Oregon as an opportunity to live a successful, fulfilling life. The burgeoning population has also given rise to numerous successful new businesses, proving the town also provides an opportunity to start or grow a…

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Vector Remote Care - BendTECH

Vector Remote Care, a company that grew too big for BendTECH

By Coworking BendTECH | June 10, 2019

When Kevin Hoffman was 13 years old, his mother suddenly and unexpectedly suffered a cardiac arrest while on a family ski trip. She survived and largely recovered, and to prevent further cardiac events, an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) was surgically inserted into her chest to regulate her heartbeat. But a minor car accident caused unseen…

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Shannon Enete - Coworking - BendTECH

A Coworking Space with a Coffee Shop—Could You Ask for More?

By Coworking BendTECH | April 19, 2019

Before the days of cooperative working, shared offices and the “24-hour coworking space”, as they’re now widely known, there was one place—or collection of places—where a budding entrepreneur, self-employed freelancer or remote worker could find relative peace and quiet, reliable internet access and unlimited cups of coffee: the neighborhood coffee shop. We’ve all had our…

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Summit High School Robotics Team, BendTech

Summit HS Robotics Team to Unveil International Competition Robot at BendTECH on February 27

By Coworking BendTECH | February 21, 2019

The Summit High School Robotics Team, Chaos Theory, will be unveiling their 2019 competition robot at the BendTECH Coworking space on February 27 from 4-6pm. Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. “I always compare it to basketball,” says Kei Dallas, a Senior at Bend’s Summit High School. “But the rules change every year.”…

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WeWork, Bend Oregon, BendTECH

WeWork, But We Also Play

By Coworking BendTECH | February 13, 2019

About a week ago, The New York Times ran a piece titled “Why Are Young People Pretending to Love Work?” The piece not only dives into what the Times refers to as “exploitative burnout culture” — a culture “obsessed with striving, relentlessly positive, devoid of humor, and — once you notice it — impossible to…

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