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The cabin fever created by the COVID-19 pandemic has generated a fierce global desire to reunite outside with friends and family. In the US, as states reopen and restrictions lift, the yearning to travel is palpable; according to a study cited in The New York Times, “one-third of Americans said they hope to travel within three months after restrictions are lifted.” But airline and international travel is not on their minds. Instead, experts predict “a boom in road trips,” which provide a “sense of freedom with personal controls [that] will be ideal for people who want security.”

Along with post COVID behavior changing to include traveling closer to home, “more than half of American travelers say they plan to avoid crowded destinations when they resume traveling.”

“Travelers will have a strong desire to get out to and explore the great outdoors, including less-populated destinations,” predicts executive director for the Wyoming Office of Tourism Diana Shober, as quoted in The Wall Street Journal. Further influencing this trend is the discovery that, according to health experts, “people are significantly less likely to get the coronavirus while outside.”

Says financial writer Michael Brush in MarketWatch, “Even if the virus subsides, which is by no means a given, we will be reprogrammed to favor outdoor activities that don’t involve a lot of other people.” Furthermore, money manager Eric Marshall at Hodges Capital Management in Dallas predicts this trend will boost sales at companies in boating, golf, recreational vehicles and camping.

Even before COVID-19 influenced the rush to the outdoors, when taken as a whole, the US outdoor industry accounted for about $412 billion in annual economic activity; that’s over 2 percent of GDP. In terms of consumer spending, it’s a bigger market than either Pharmaceuticals or Automobiles.

Tribe Pilot, the mobile tool specifically designed to enable group outdoor adventures by providing a single online location for tripmates to create, store, edit and share all the details of a group adventure, is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the post-reopening rush to the outdoors.

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Dreamed up and built by people who love adventuring in the outdoors, Tribe Pilot is the only trip-planning app that lets tripmates share trip dates, schedules, locations, activities, maps and route plans, gear and food lists, and more. With Tribe Pilot, everything related to a trip lives in one easily accessible place, so everyone has mobile access to the same information at the same time.

The app can be downloaded for free in the iOS and Android Google Play app stores, and advanced Tribe Pilot Pro features can be purchased with a $2.99/month annual subscription or with a $3.99 single-trip upgrade.

“We’re very proud and grateful that we’ve been selected for the Startup Founders Office program,” said Tribe Pilot Founder and CEO Matt Smith. “We’re growing fast, and we need the space. And I’m looking forward to collaborating with Bend-area startup gurus as we take the next step.”

The team at Tribe Pilot is comprised of:

  • Matt Smith: Founder and CEO
  • Mark Morrisson: Director
  • Ryder McDowell: Lead Developer
  • Sean Leslie: Chief Content Officer
  • Sydney Hoeper: Erstwhile Designer