SBIR – Federal Funding for Technology

SBIR – Federal Funding for Technology

The world of finding funding for your startup or small business can be daunting, it’s difficult to know where to start, let alone where to turn to for resources and assistance. BendTECH received a $50,000 award from the Small Business Administration Growth Accelerator Fund to help with just this. This award “fuels accelerators and incubators with the resources they need to energize and support innovators in their local communities (SBA, 2019).” The goal is for BendTECH to utilize the award to increase the pipeline of local businesses applying for and winning federal funding- specifically Small Business Innovation Research Grants and Small Business Technology Transfer Grants (SBIR/STTRs).

Do you:

  • Have technology or a technology based business that you are looking to fund?
  • Have expertise that could help a PhD commercialize their technology?

If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you’re in the right place! What is SBIR/STTR funding

Small Business Innovation Research Grants and Small Business Technology Transfer Grants (SBIR/STTRs) are a form of government funding, powered by the Small Business Administration, that “encourage domestic small businesses to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) that has the potential for commercialization.” Both types of funding have this common goal, but have slightly differing missions, eligibility requirements and funding opportunities.

Video to help you decide if SBIR/STTR funding might be a fit for your company: Why does this funding exist?

Each year, federal agencies conducting research and development (R&D) must contribute a certain amount to these funds. For STTR, federal agencies whose R&D exceeds $1 billion are required to reserve 0.45% of the extramural research budget for STTR awards to small businesses. Similarly, for SBIR, federal agencies with research and development (R&D) budgets that exceed $100 million are required to allocate 3.2 percent (FY 2017) of their R&D budget to these programs. Each agency that contributes to the fund administers its own programs to solicit and accept funding proposals, as established by congress.

How BendTECH can help you

  1. Links to external resources that can aid you through the process of learning about these programs and funding opportunities, determining if your business might be eligible for funding, and then finding, applying for, and securing funding. See below (link to resources section below)
  2. 1-on-1 advising for those who are in the application process or who are seeking additional information regarding federal funding. Email for more info.
  3. Workshops and events to help you along in all stages of the funding process. Keep an eye out for these events on our events page and sign up for our SBIR/STTR email list below to get updates on upcoming events.
    (email and let us know if you 1. Are looking for funding for your technology, 2. Looking to help another team with their technology, or 3. Just want to learn).
  4. Connections to subject matter experts who can be a part of your team working on submitting an SBIR or connect you to a team requiring expertise that you can offer (software, IT, marketing, grant writing, etc).

Program Basics, Overview & Tutorials

This section contains links to resources that provide information that give a general overview of SBIR/STTR funding, tutorials to help you get a better idea of the programs, and other resources to help you determine if your small business is eligible for funding from either program. Note that determining eligibility is an imperative step before moving on to any of the other sections. Utilize this section to familiarize yourself with the programs and determine if SBIR/STTR funding is right for your small business. External Resources 

Resources for Those Considering Applying

This section will be most helpful for you if you have already determined that your small business might be eligible for funding from either the SBIR or STTR program. Refer to the “Program Basics, Overview & Tutorials” section to determine your eligibility.

Note that there are links to “Phase 0” grants in this section. Phase 0 grants are external grants, not through the Small Business Administration, that are meant to help you pay for professional fees (i.e. grant writer) that you might incur when applying for SBIR/STTR grants. These grants are generally up to $5,000. External Resources 

Resources for Current Applicants

This section will be helpful for you if your small business already has (1) determined eligibility and (2) has an funding opportunity that you plan to apply for or are currently applying for. External Resources 

Resources for Awardees

If you’re on this page- then you’ve already been awarded an SBIR/STTR grant! Congrats! Here we have a few resources that might be helpful to you after you’ve received a grant (Phase I or Phase II). External Resources