Agency Revolution CEO Michael Jans and President Maggie Hubbell.

#50startups: Agency Revolution’s SaaS Transformation

This week’s #50startup isn’t a startup in the traditional sense of the word; in fact, the business is nearly 20 years old. But stick with me because Bend-based Agency Revolution has recently transformed into marketing automation software company. It’s a dramatic shift from the insurance marketing training firm that founder Michael Jans began in 1995. BendTECH caught up with CEO Jans and President Maggie Hubbell to hear more how Agency Revolution made that transition, what they’ve learned and wide opportunity for their product in the insurance industry.

Do You Like Robots and Beer? Head to Hack Night Bend

If it’s been your dream to meet an autonomous robot, well you’re in luck. The next Hack Night, scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 5, will feature a Turtlebot2. From the Hack Night Invite: (Turtlebot2) is an autonomous robot programmed with ROS, which uses a Microsoft Kinect as a “fake laser” (technically an RGB-D, “D” for distance, camera) […]

Seminar: Intellectual Property Essentials

If you’re curious about how to protect your business inventions and IP (trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets), then you should learn from the professionals during this luncheon presented by Karnopp Petersen and Leber Patent Law.